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Directions to Hidden Mountain & The Decalogue Stone

From Los Lunas, it's 16.8 miles or about a 24 minute drive. Take New Mexico State Highway 6 West out of town, it's also called Main St NE in town. Continue on New Mexico 6 West about 13.2 miles. The road makes a sharp left, stay on New Mexico 6 West another 3.2 miles. You will see some railroad tracks in the distance and the road turns back to the right as you approach the tracks. Make a left onto the first road which goes to the landfill. There's a railroad storage area just before the turn. Travel down that road until you see a gate on your left and park. Except for the two mile hike to the stone, You're there. For more information, contact the Los Lunas Chamber of Commerce

The best way to describe the trail to the mystery stone is visually, so we used more images below to show you the way. If you would like to go to the top of the mountain to see the encampments, the tabernacle area, the altar stone, and star chart, here's how. When you get to the decalogue stone, if you move just to the right of it and look up, you will see a small canyon leading to the top. This is the easiest way up and safest way down. If you would like to download a zip file of these images to save and print out, click here.